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Few Homemade Decors To Sparkle Up Your Residence In This Festive Season

Since the festival of lights in around the corner, we would like to share some unique thoughts and ideas on how to decorate your home with handmade radiant decors. Rather than being extravagant with crackers and lightings we should celebrate Diwali with friends and families to fortify our bonds. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage our family members in some creative and engaging team-work. Having an eco friendly Diwali is a way healthier idea to celebrate the festive season. Decorate your home with homemade fancy stuffs to hold high the festive spirit. Here is the list of some cool objects you can make to decorate your homes during this festive season-

Homemade diyas– One of the most common things people makes to celebrate this illuminative season. We all use candles in our households. These are the raw ingredients for making festive candles. To make decorative candles unused stuffs like- egg shells, seashells, salt dough or even a cork of bottler will do the trick. Simply pick any one of these, paint them well with fabric colors or stick sparklers around these add melted wax and wick to make a candle. For fragrant candles you can add cinnamon sticks around wax candles.

Torans with color papers– We Indians have a custom to hang colorful dangling crafts at the entrance of our homes which is called as ‘Toran’. It’s the symbol of bringing good luck to your family. Instead of buying one from the market you can make it at your place. Use simple cardboards or old greeting cards, cut them into attractive shapes, tie them together and hand around the entrance and your DYI Toran is ready!

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Recyclable Rangoli– Rangoli is an essential part of Diwali. All the colors are easily available in the market. Nevertheless you can make these designs with cardboards. Simply draw it on the cardboard and cut that according to that shape. Use and reuse it in every occasion.

Diwali lamps with plastic bottles-We all buy plastic bottled cold drinks. It’s obvious you will find them around your home. Use scissor to cut them in half. Use a candle in the center as a light source. Glue some colorful papers around the bottle. Stick stencils in proper proportions. Bring the festive mode alive.

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Global Standard For Measuring Housing Constructions Has Been Introduced

Replacing all local standards now there will be a common, universal standard for measuring residential buildings. This will fetch standardization and distinctiveness and will remove contradictions across the countries. An alliance of over 80 global property firms, counting RICS has ushered in a new comprehensive standard for measuring housing buildings. This inventiveness will bring impartiality in the entire system. This new standard is about to restore a number of local measurement standards of the building measurement.

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According to the managing director emerging-business and managing director of RICS south-Asia Mr. Sachin Sandhir –‘’ Adoption of uniform property measurement standards will send a message to homebuyers that the Indian real estate sector is serious about adopting global best prices’’. Initially RICS had a talk with the securities market regulator SEBI, the ministry of Housing and realtors NAREDCO during the month of March in last year in order to comprehend the fittest way of IPMS implementation for residential buildings in Indian real estate market.
In July 2013, the IPMSC had chosen real estate professionals from all over the world to form the Standards Setting Committee and founded global standard for property measurement. International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) for measuring office buildings came in action in 2014. This is supposed to be the second phase of global open-source standard regarding residential property measurement. IPMS association organized a public conference in September, 2015 where they counted the opinions of real estate experts and property professionals about the proposal of residential standard. The IPMS standards are-

1. IPMS 1- External
2. IMPS 2- Residential (internal)
3. IMPS 3- Residential (occupier)

In the recent researches it has been found that India is one of those countries where measurement standards of buildings vary from one market to the other, which causes confusion among the property possessors, investors in the time of declaration of floor space details. As per the latest RICS survey while compared to the IPMS for residential buildings it was seen the difference in measurement for residential apartments differ from close to 27%, where as for residential houses it varies nearby 58%. Buildings are to be measured separately and reported on a floor-by-floor basis.
IPMS for residential buildings has been drafted by the Independent Standards Setting Committee. The motto of IPMS is to serve consumers a better and consistent measurement worldwide. IPMS can be used during agreement between users, service providers and third parties, because customers deserve a transparent deal when it comes to property investment.
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Maheshtala, Kolkata: Quarter in audit

Are you inspired by the property business sector of Maheshtala. Here are some important data sources that will positively help a forthcoming property purchaser. Maheshtala saw an ascent in normal property estimation by 4.4 % in Apr-Jun 2016 quarter.

The region offers assorted lodging alternatives, for example, pads, private house, plots and estates. Maheshtala is prescribed for old guardians, youthful experts and families.

About Maheshtala

Maheshtala has great prospects of turning into a premium local location close Kolkata. A great deal of new stock is coming up in the region and home purchasers are intrigued as far back as remote financing filled the neighborhood land.

The region has a considerable rundown of land offers for its potential purchasers. Aside from its vital area which is in South 24 Parganas region, Mahehstala offers an excellent perspective from its up and coming properties.

Here is a quarterly depiction of Maheshtala in Kolkata

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RERA fear creates a storm among the PE firms and strategic investors

Many private equity companies as well as strategic investors who have invested in budding real estate projects are plucking their contracts with the developers frightening the lawsuit and penalty once the RERA comes into actions. The fear is that under RERA act they can be trademarked as developers and consequently they might have to confront strict punishment for any infringement of rules by the project they sponsor. Under RERA the promoter will be in charge of any conformity. Developers, landlords, private equity or even strategic investors will be falling under the RERA terms if they are actively involved in the project.

As a matter of fact many investors, strategic as well as private equity companies could be considered as promoters and have to carve up compulsion under RERA if things go tart. As a result many investors are now trying to mitigate their roles in the previous contract or trying to tune up agreements so that if any legal case or penalty they developer would face that or to some extent according to the contract at least obligations can be reassigned to the developers. As per the sources the arbitration between developers and investors has already commenced. To safeguard themselves the investors are either trying to alleviate their active involvements or putting additional clauses in the contracts whereby their legal responsibility would decrease.

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RERA won’t legally uphold any commercial contract signed between the developers and the investors said by the real estate experts. The clauses which investors want to put in directly involved with monetary hazards. For instance if any fine have to be given then it will be paid from the developers’ account directly without dragging the investors. During past few years many investors in the real estate field including the PE firms were dynamically involved in design, development and marketing projects of real estate business. These investors will be now categorized as promoters and duty-bound to abide by RERA. When it comes to foreign investors such as foreign PE funds which have been currently rolling in the Indian real estate market, their diluting ventures are also being considered. Some of these investors want to close all the ongoing deals to go out of the projects to reduce the risk and their direct association. However this won’t be an instant and easy task.

Few investors are also looking to dilute the risk of attachment in the real estate SPVs (special purpose vehicles), but that may not be a release option to have a profitable exit. RERA won’t also spare those PE firms that have taken power of those projects which haven’t been completed by the developers for some reasons. This act is targeted to cut down the wrongdoings of property business. RERA is here to advance the real estate funding environment, to set a regimented approach for project completion. It will certainly bring transparency in the agreements between developers and their investors.

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Property Investment – Commercial / Residential ?

When you are thinking of investing in a real estate item the continuous debate keeps on cycling around your head is whether residential or commercial which sector will return you more revenue. This is the fact which has been continuously dividing the property buyers into two different categories. People who have opt out residential property investment; they find this investment zone has less risk involvement than the commercial one. On the contrary people who are in the favor of commercial property investment prioritize this investment sector due to its cash inflow prospective. Smart homebuyers won’t partake any of these two unless they fix out the entire real estate backdrops for final investment.

Price difference: Going by the price commercial properties have way greater market price than residential. This is done on purpose. Buying a small shop or medium sized commercial properties is not equipollent with higher-ended residential properties. But investing on large scale commercial properties is not a piece of pie. Giant commercial properties like- shopping mall, big office space, shopping centres or any industrial foundation involve millions of amounts. This is due to the future usage of these properties.

Professional assistance: Investing in residential properties is not a tough task anymore with the help of well-practiced property portals. For example- If you want residential flats near BT College, Jessore road, by filtering your search on any popular property portal can easily get ideal residential property within your budget. Whereas to buy commercial property in Kolkata what you get is really limited number of newly constructed on hand properties fulfilling your property requirement. Mostly what you will be getting are commercial properties on lease. Therefore uniqueness and exposure of commercial property make the choice of investment difficult for the investor by himself to configure the accurate value of the same. Buying commercial property needs crucial professional help.

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Cash inflow factor: Commercial property is a big elephant. But the future cash inflow fact makes its investment more desirable. Commercial property lease tends to last longer than residential. It’s mostly for five years or more on an average and the rents are also on the higher shelves. The rents for residential properties are much reasonable than the rents of commercial real estate items. Thus future cash inflow stands stronger over the initial investments. For maintenance issues commercial property holders have to pay for the repairs, residential landlords are liable to pay the cost of continuance.

On a decisive note it could be easily said that if you have limited resources it has been always constructive to go for the residential property buying as your permanent asset. Due to smaller unit size, residential maintenance is easily accessible. Commercial landlords earn on an average 50% higher rentals than residential property-owners. For residential landlords both property-owners both pedestrian and retail there is no need to sell a section in order to take in the capital value earned from the rent.

Banks to grant loan of Rs. 200 crore to Adhar Housing

Adhar Housing Finance is likely to raise Rs. 200 crore from different banks of the Nation. So far this project was being backed by International Finance Corporation; they have proposed few big banks to raise Rs 200 crore for in mutual project of loans which would help to release capital and develop business.
The CEO of Housing Finance Company affirmed that they have been spoken to couple of Banks so far both in private and public sector and company is expecting to strike deals worth Rs 100 crore in first week of August. The rest of the amount pool would be dispensed by the banks within September. The purpose to unlock capital and keep churning the loan is the portfolio of the company. Churning Loan is a process of raising cash through consecutive cash-out refinancing. Direct handing over of loans is a process of pooling in loan receivables and insertion them with financiers for raising funds. The originator of the loan pays interest on it.

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Adhar Housing is a Dewan Housing Group company, aims to expend Rs 2100 crore this fiscal. Last year’s disbursal was Rs 1010 crore. This year the payout is more than double. Starting from March, 2016 with outstanding loan amount Rs. 1820 crore will be mounted to double Rs. 3500 crore by next year March. As per last update the last outstanding loan amount at the end of June, 2016 was Rs. 1936 crore. Now this is going to be the second attempt by Adhar Housing, soon after its first ever assignment of Rs 75 crore loans to Dena Bank.
Currently the company is paying 9.6% to Dena Bank and looks to strike next deals at 9.5% level expected by the company officials. The stumping maturity of the loan receivables would be around 8-9 years. The average cost of fund for Adhar Housing is around close to 10%. The company is planning to raise sum of 400 crore through direct assignment of loans to banks this fiscal. The housing finance company is expecting to develop quickly before its merger with DHFL Vysa Housing finance, another Dewan Housing Outfit. The merger plan has obtained backing from IFC, which hold 20% in Adhar Finance, which controls in the low cost housing sector to hold up India’s latest scheme for advancing dwelling unit for financially fragile class.

SD group Kolkata is an eminent real estate construction company. We are supporting this noble housing project of Indian Govt. and taking part in this righteous initiative. Currently we are offering ready to move 2/3 BHK affordable flats in Ultodanga, 3 min from Ultodanga crossing. Residential project Shradhanjali has 1.15200 sq ft area of property in Dakshindari, VIP rd. Amenities offering – AC community Hall, List, Intercom, Indoor games, 24*7 Security, Gym, Kids playing area, Temple, Power Back up etc.

How to Live a Luxurious Life on a Not-So-Luxury Budget?


Despite increasing demand, supporting financial assistance and slashed down property prices Kolkata still haven’t seen any phenomenal development in the property selling zone. Not only residential flats in Kolkata other metros have also been going through the same circumstances. Steel and cement is the essential elements for building construction. Prices of steel and cement have gone up by 30% and 25% during past few years. Indian GDP earns 6-8% revenue from real estate sector. Kolkata has been always favourite real estate invest zone by the builders for its low cost of living. During this flat selling period real estate companies in Kolkata have to find some other way to pump up the selling quotient anyhow. Offering premium quality high-performing flats within affordable price is the latest move for gearing up the property business in Kolkata. Builders’ Association of Kolkata has stepped forward in support of this movement. Thus many renowned construction companies are coming up with high facilitated yet budget residential projects around Kolkata.

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SD Construction is one of the supreme construction companies in Kolkata, into the property business since 1993. The company is offering astonishing range of residential flats in Ultadanga and Jessore Rd named project Shradhanjali and project Aqua-View. There is another project called project Bauli, in Bolpour, Shanti Niketan. Project Bauli comprises urban villas and those two projects in Kolkata are with residential apartment provision. Shradhanjani is ready to welcome 200+ families, a property of 1,15,200 sq ft. with almost 45% open area and 75 lavish apartments, 5 mins walking distance from Ultodanga crossing. Aqua-view is the other luxury residential apartment which is surprisingly mesmerising residential complex woven around lake. This under process constriction in Jessore road has superlative infrastructure as these apartments fall under flats near Kolkata airport region. USP of the green project Aqua-view is that luxury housing estate which has boating facility with all other modern time facilities like- AC community hall, AC Gymnasium, AC indoor game and much more.

Now the best part is all these high-ending projects are being offered within a reasonable price. Investors and home buyers are going to jump upon these properties. These properties have exact potential that a home buyer wants from his dream property. Such as-

  • These are freehold properties
  • Offers maximum potential for exceptional capital appreciation
  • Diminish transport cost due to situating in the prime areas of Kolkata
  • For both of the properties airport is just few minutes away
  • These projects are connected to Salt Lake Sector-V, the IT industry region of WB
  • Offers easy access to major educational institutions like- Auxilium Convent School, St. Stephen’s School, KV, Eminent Engineering colleges like IEM and many more
  • For advanced medical treatment there are hospitals like- AMRI, North Point Nursing Home, Revive etc positioned nearby
  • For weekend appetite there sumptuous restaurants nearby

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