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An Eco-Friendly Paradigm- A Coir Wood House

How simple is that to say that coir wood waste now will develop coir wood homes? No, we are neither in a mood to crack any joke nor hyping any gimmick. Coir wood wastes have been successfully used in developing eco-friendly shelters in the higher altitudes. Replacing tents into a beautiful shelter for the defence personnel in the extreme level of climatic condition has been the best usage of coir woods. The Coir Research Centre in Bengaluru has recently developed a coir house model and put it on display at the choir craft fair lately.

Some latest report claimed that as a part of effective marketing Coir board will build six of those coir houses and supply those to some of the union ministry for free. “Security personnel can use these and those visiting the Prime Minister, Defence Minister or the MSME Minister will get to know about the advantages and applications of coir wood looking at the house,” said the Coir Board chairman C.P. Radhakrishnan. “These homes would be much cheaper than a brick and mortar house or even a plywood house, because it costs only around 90 per sqft,” said a board official. Coir is a by-product of coconut husk. Coir is a popular substance to make mats, mattresses, baskets and even as an alternate for soil for terrace gardening.

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The coconut capital of Tamil Nadu Pollachi will shortly to receive a model house that has been constructed entirely of coir wood. The coir board is now looking forward to popularize the concept of setting up houses with coir, among the construction industry in the area. An interesting part of coir wood is it’s a well-chosen substitute to ply wood and it doesn’t involve tree razing. The coir board, which installed the first model coir house in Alappuzha on Saturday, said it has already programmed to erect alike homes in Pollachi and Kanyakumari in a little while. The four-day long India International Coir Fair, which completed on this Monday, spawned overseas enquiries worth Rs. 200 crore and 1,200 fresh trade enquiries in the home souk.
Initially the houses in Bengaluru sustained natural whims for two-and-a-half-years. According to the sources The Coir Board will focus on mainly three products – furniture, coir geo textiles, and coir pith. Speaking about their housing projects starting from the walls to windows, flooring, pillars and even light-fittings will be made of coir woods. “We have used coir wood sheets for the walls and coir granules for the interiors,” said the official. The coir research campus just started few years back and has shown some incredible future market potential.

Speaking about project development in Kerala the coir official said, “With many eco-friendly and natural resorts coming up in the area, we hope that the house that will be up in three months will appeal to them,” He also added “We also hope to encourage entrepreneurs to get into coir wood production.”

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Home-Buying Dream Can Be Fulfilled With Slashed Interest Rate

Nation has become habituated with spasmodic decision and announcement of PM Modi. This time when addressed the fellow countrymen on New Year’s eve he assured middle income group people of the country with putting out some exiting new year gift for potential home buyers in particular. No one could ever expected that home loan interest rates will be deducted in such great extent that people will actually accumulate some positive home buying sentiment which would also onset market sloth and benefit people from this stratum with unbelievable frills. People in Kolkata who are willing to invest in reasonably price properties; this is the ideal time when you can shape up your dream by purchasing budget flats in Ultadanga.

Here is an immediate guide about what all you need to know about this latest addition in the ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ and how it can do good to from your asset purchase.

The actual plan
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna had been declared by Prime Minister Modi on 25th June of the FY 2015. This scheme comprises ‘Housing for all’ within the accounting year 2022. It was being conjectured that the country is going to have 2 crore+ budget flats in the extended parts of metros and other big cities. People from suburb will get chance to satisfy their on-hold home-buying requirements.
As a part of this scheme people from lower income group (LIG) or from the socio economically weaker section would be allotted subsidy of Rs. 1 lakh- 2.30 lakh. People could also have a subsidy on the rate of the interest of up to 6.5% or a loan of Rs. 6 lakhs which Prime Minister’s housing scheme is also for the people belonging to EWS, LIG, females or first time home buyers. This interest discount would subsist for 15 years.

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Now the new scheme
On this New Year’s Eve Prime Minister declared the subsidy on interest rate would be increased so that mass scale of people can fulfill their asset purchase. The new scheme is much about taking steady and effective steps on providing decided numbers of affordable housing within 2022. As per the new plan, all LIG/ EWS and MIG people would be benefited with a newly deducted interest rate. People looking for loan up to Rs.9 lakhs would obtain a subsidy of 4% while those seeking a loan of up to Rs.12 lakhs can have 3% slashed interest rate. Discounting this fact, people living in countryside would get 3% financial backing on loan amount of Rs.2 lakhs which they can make use of house reconstruction or extension.

People who are eligible to enjoy this rebate
Now under this scheme people who are eligible to apply for the loan are based on this critera-
• Applicant should either be a woman or belong to SC, ST or EWS group for the earlier scheme.
• None of the family members had taken a home loan; members including husband, wife and unmarried children
• Income should be under Rs.3 lakhs per annum and Rs. 6 lakhs per annum for EWS and LIG respectively
• For the new scheme for MIG groups, the income should be under Rs.18 lakhs per annum.
• The age of the applicant should be between 21 years and 55 years.
Effect of this scheme
The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been influential in running with its affordable housing goal currently. This interest rebate would reduce the EMI by around 40%. Following this scheme, the Equated Monthly Installment would bring in to Rs.7100 which would be not as much of even a month’s rent out. Whereas the previous scheme was only for the people belonging to the LIG and EWS, this new scheme would profit people of suburb with budget limitation to have their owned property in the extended parts of big cities.

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Take a Tour of Real Estate Business in Indirapuram

Ghaziabad is known as one of the top selling real estate investment destinations in NCR. This township was developed 15 years go with the calculated potential of future development. Situated on the National Highway 24 (NH 24), this area has been emerged over the years for its immediacy and good connectivity to the national capital Delhi.
River Hindon, the tributary of river Yamuna travels across the city Indirapuram. Indirapuram is surrounded by Mirzapur in the east, Vasundhara in the north, IP extension in the west and Sector 63 in the south. This area of development is divided into various sectors like Nyay Khand, Ahinsa Khand, Vaibhav Khand, Niti Khand and many more.

Indirapuram is connected via Ghaziabad railway station (8 km away) and Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station (18 km away). This area has Vaishali metro rail connectivity. Delhi airport is 31 km away from Indirapuram. Mohan Nagar Link Road, Vijaya Laxmi Pandit Marg, Pusta Road, NH 24 (Asian Highway 2) and Kaveri Marg are in and crossways major road connectivity to this area. Uttarpradesh State Transport Corporation has bus service to advance public transport system. A couple of main bus transit points in Indirapuram are Shanti Gopal Hospital and DTC bus stop. Moreover Lohia Nagar bus station (12 km away) connects the area with the bus routes of other cities.

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Malls, hospitals, educational institutes and other entertainment sections are just around this area in particular. Ghaziabad Development Authority has planned and developed this area with essential services like- water and power supply, sewage line, roads and open areas. Still some suburban areas face water shortage during the peak of summer.
Indirapuram is one of the most chosen realty investment sector as it has a better connectivity with Noida to New Delhi. People still get affordable properties as per their requisite over here. Thus it’s a paradise for MIG and LIG people. People can invest in an apartment in Indirapuram for INR 5700 per sq ft on average, depending on the offerings. Average rental rates for apartments the INR 15 per sq ft per month calculated In April 2015, there are approximately 1000 on hand properties in Indirapuram- mostly 2BHK and 3BHK apartments, up for sale, followed by builder floor, plots and individual houses. Luxury villas are of a little higher price, ranges between INR 11,000 – 12,000 per sq ft on average Plots come at an average price of INR 6100 per sq ft, yet the price is comparative and changes based on the location and its closeness to the major business areas.

Indirapuram is just about 70% residential but GDA’s upcoming plans are to extend certain commercial zones in the region. Clearly rental values of commercial properties that were around INR 30 to 40 per sq ft during first quarter of 2014 will now have a hike of INR 50 per sq ft a month than that of the previous calculation.

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The Best Ways To Manage Your Domestic Help

Home management involves both muscle and brain. There is no ‘either’ ‘or’ in and less attainment situation in the performing area of these two regarding the maintenance of household on a daily dose. Though there’s nothing collecting dues during upcoming years for your own home maintenance, instead you need to go for an employment option to manage your domestic help. Here lies the importance of a domestic worker or in India commonly known as ‘maid’. These people are there to be got paid for their labor to run your home smoothly. Absence of a maid hit the equilibrium level of a household. Hiring a housekeeper is the sector where abrupt levels of bargains are involved. Widely these people have been found getting ill-treated. Here are some ways to deal with your housekeeper so that both the ends meet certain altitude of satisfaction.

Firstly more than anybody else the inhabitants should have the best sense of responsibility in maintaining the household. Your own domestic help has no alternative. Daily nagging of a housekeeper is the much-discussed topic in the households. But we hardly have the time to ponder upon the fact that this could be an outcome of the monotonous and physical exhaustion that they have to go thorough to earn their wages.

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Always remember your day-to-day life can roam around the kind of maid that you have. Instead try to humanly with these people. These people come to work for your home to avoid starving. Try to avoid being domineering and dominating to make the person work for your home and set it to a crowning-point. For a meddling govern days could be enough awful.
Ela Kundu a housewife of South Kolkata says, “We used to live in Serampore before moving into Kolkata. As my husband has a long office hour we had to shift here. It’s always true within limited earning you can’t afford a maid in a metro city. Thus I was continuously asking him not to have a direct investment and to go for rather a rental one. Luckily after moving here we have got a good maid and I realized it’s always the behavior which can make any human relationship a concrete.” Thus staying respectful with your maid is necessary.

Don’t indulge child labor for your comfort. Our government has enough initiative to provide these children food, education and sanitization. Only some sincerity and small positive steps of yours could be a better aid for making their access easier to these basic requirements.
If your maid is absent for some reason there’s nothing to outburst in anger. Every person has some problem in daily life. There are no ways to consider the session as high time. A little patience can return some goodies in your coming days.

Offering some small perks can bring difference. It’s not stone written a person will be getting paid for his/her input. Sometimes some token of love can bring a wider grin and well-wishes from the very person.

Praise your housekeepers work. There’s no harm in it. Like everyone these people also yen for little pack on back. If her working style doesn’t meet your expectation try to give him/her a thoughtful counsel and believe us it always works.

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Kolkata Realty Market To Sell Out Unsold Inventories Within 2 Years

No surprise that demonetization move has hit the national real estate market in a big way. The entire market has been set motionless. Rather than introducing new constructions builders are keen on releasing inventories. Consumers on the other hand withdrawing their booking amount from the under construction buildings as the slowdown in the national market has made them uncertain regarding the builders’ delivery assurance. Potential buyers on the other hand are waiting to catch the fish from the troubled water, in case builders release their inventories in lower market price.

Now that we are finally headed into FY 2017, lots of happening are expected to discover in the property market after the GST implementation and the financial budget. Throughout the couple of years the market had become largely stagnant. Does this mean prices to go even down this year? Will Kolkata realty market be able to clear out on hand inventories within this year? Although market experts had shown some positive indicators in H1 of the previous year, but then came the currency ban announcement which single-handedly proved all the predictions fictitious. But recent report by Knight Frank Indian says that the unsold inventory of residential properties in Kolkata will take nearly two years to sell off.

According to the report, “The unsold inventory of the city is recorded at 37,400 units. The QTS for Kolkata currently stands at a little over eight quarters.” The quarter to sell unsold inventories is exactly proportionate to the quarters requires to tire out the on hand unsold inventories. City’s housing selling has been at reduced speed currently. New launches in the city have fell down by 30 percent in the last couple of years while sales evidenced a dip of 14 percent in the last one year.

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What’s more startling is the period of time needed to sell off first-class properties worth Rs 1.5 crore and above across the city. “The QTS for the city’s premium market is currently at 10.5 quarters. This is largely attributable to the relatively slow rate of sales observed in the premium housing segment in the past,” said Sangeeta Sharma Dutta, Assistant Vice President, and Research. Research also indicates upon the alarming volume of newly built unsold property in Kolkata north and south in particular.

Developers are currently sitting idle with large stocks of property and unwilling for any price correction. Besides there is also a negative doing rounds in the market. As an inevitable outcome the ratio between demand and supply has been wrecked.”The decline in sales volume was primarily brought about in the second half of 2016 by the uncertainty and lacks of clarity in the market post the announcement of demonetization of high value currency notes. With most buyers preoccupied in settling down their own financial matters, purchasing of properties in the short term has taken a backseat, thereby reflecting in the reduced sales volume in H2 2016,” added Dutta.

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Investors Find Other Kingfishes Than Real Estate And Gold Post Demonetization

Research says that the current time holds nothing good for real estate, gold and stock market to be tickled pink. Post demonetization has made the market hold at bay in these following sectors of investments; in lieu of these major sectors some alternative lending startups have taken up as pawnshop and choice of financial investment. Kredex, the Sequoia-backed financial firm has pointed out a 4-5x upsurge in lender registrations on their platform after the money ban declaration which incorporates high net-worth individuals (HNIs) and institutional moneylenders like banks and other non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) in invoice discounting market place. Government’s push for cashless economy somehow is indirectly promoting virtual loan sharks.

Now financial technology is one of the established profitable sectors of Sequoia Capital of India. Asking on the same chief executive of Kredex Manish Kumar said, “Invoice discounting is becoming an alternative to the three asset classes which are real estate, bullion and stock market because it provides higher liquidity and a decent yield on their investment.” Initially in October 2016 Kredex raised 40 crore from Sequoia and existing backers. The Bengaluru based startup is known for its technically operated marketplace, where it links small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) with prior investors who show interest in purchasing these unpaid collectibles to help them with their dynamic capital loop. Kredex investors receive interest rates ranging from 11-20 per cent. Banks and other financial organizations are looking forward to lend via this alternative lending platforms going next to the government’s digitization transaction declaration.

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“We are noticing strong interest from banks and NBFCs to partner with us because demonetization is pushing SMEs to go digital, which makes them more lendable by online lenders like us who thrive on data,” said Sashank Rishyasringa, cofounder of online lending platform Capital Float, whose corporate partners have been devoted themselves to increase their lending capacity since the demonetization came in front.
Where the entire nation is having the quiver of cash crunch P2P lending companies such as Faircent, i-lend and (ATL) have witnessed roughly 3x growth in lender registrations where as the major investment sectors are battling to get back into the scene. While there is strong interest from individual lenders, Hyderabad based ATL is also in process of tying up with three NBFCs to turn into a P2P platform lending business. “NBFCs come with bigger ticket – Rs 2-5 crore, which sizes of around will make it easier for us to meet the demand of borrowers,“ said Keerthi Kumar Jain, chief executive of ATL.

“Earlier, a lot of money was parked in real estate,” said Vinay Mathews, founder, Faircent.”Suddenly, our business model makes sense for investors like salaried professionals, small business owners, moneylenders, HNIs and institutional lenders.”
Small business houses are finding this invoice discounting marketplace an attractive platform to park their money in. It has higher interest level and better stability which certainly have been emerging this sector as a secure investment zone for future.

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‘Rate Cuts’ Are The New Trump Cards To Hit The Jackpot In Realty

Real estate selling had been a constant benefactress throughout the fiscal year 2016 and then came the currency ban announcement which made the sector off beaten track. In Kolkata it’s seen that after the demonetization revelation a lot of property in Kolkata north has been alluded to as far outs. This has hugely affected realty sector nationally with the allegation of huge volume of unaccounted money has been perked up over the preceding years. As an after-effect a massive drop down is property price is apprehended by the market experts who think this money-ban move is somehow a temporary slowdown in real estate, but again realty market will turn around in 2017, coining this price fall. Price fall will gather more potential buyers as it would be followed by lower interest rates in home-loans and transparency in the practice of realty business. The report suggests that developers are expecting resurgence from the second half of 2017.

The multi-year slowdown, however, did not deter investment as cash-starved developers raised Rs 48,300 crore in 2016 from private equity (PE) investors to fund their projects, up 53 per cent from last year’s, according to property consultant Cushman & Wakefield. Cushman & Wakefield India MD Anshul Jain said: “With buyer sentiment already low, the recent demonetization by the government has further dampened sentiment of homebuyers.”

Asking about this conjecture the Realtors’ Apex Body CREDAI President Getamber Anand stated, ‘’Housing sales were better this year before note ban. But sales have slowed in the last two months. We feel that 2017 will be a golden year for the developers in the primary market as they will benefit from the government’s demonetization move and a likely fall in interest rates on home loans.”

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DLF’s CEO Rajeev Talwar opined, “There has been a lot of cleansing in the real estate sector this year. So, 2017 will be a good year for primary product suppliers of real estate.” He also added, “Housing prices would remain stable in the primary market, but decline in the secondary (resale) one. ‘’

Resale market won’t be much fertile within this period or so. Again lots of residential online transactions are seen on the cards for the virtual property sellers as the current system indulges cashless circulation in every business sector. The year started on a positive note as the government offered tax sops in the budget to improve housing demand and declared an additional Rs 50,000 deduction on interest on loans for first-time home buyers. It also let off REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) from the dividend allocation tax. Again there will be a drop in the commercial space absorption expected by the market aces. As scarcity in commercial space absorption has been one of the major causes of the reduced development of quality architecture. The implementation of

RERA will make the process even smooth and will protect the buyers’ right to major extent. Finally buyers are about to get some healthy vibes for their investment with dropdown in home-loans and reduced price of the properties across the country.

Christmas Time Home Decor

A little paining, changing in decorations and furniture, usage of curtains can make big change in your lifestyle and interiors. Occasion time home needs some add-on to look gorgeous. Give your home vibrant outlook this winter to welcome the Santa. Christmas time is celebrated for welcoming a new year, thus door or entrance decoration has important part in Christmas celebration.

Door decoration- Dark colored doors can be easily made bright and vivid. To have an eye-popping display use some classy lanterns to the frame on your front door, add on some gleaming paper loop to give a desired look. Use red and gold or even silver and mauve combination for this décor will just do the trick for you.

Color co-ordination- Coloring interior or changing of wallpapers has a positive impact on inhabitants as well as the visitors. While painting choosing colors are really important. A bright yet decent looking living room has significant importance. Using of color strokes might help you apartment look bigger than real. Most of the times your home colors are inspired by natural shades which gets bang on gelled with the occasion. Get your rooms a bright kick with this festive mood.

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Home decoration- Follow social media like Instagram or Youtube to have a close look at the recent decoration trend. Shortlist all snaps and use up according to your budget limitation. If you want to keep the décor really classy go for the simple yet elegant one. End of the day your home should look fresh not clumsy by over-usage of glittery furnishings. You can use DYI bottle lamp and layered wreath across the beams and staircases. Use egg shell or small balls for hanging purpose or use some old used woolen socks as cute little gift pockets.

For dining room- As Christmas is the occasion for some lip-smacking recipes then dining space should be decorated as a true story teller. Never use fragrant candles inside your dining space, instead choose the normal one. Select the cutlery set and table cloth with of dark and light combination. You can buy online home decors especially designed for this festive in particular or else can use your previous years’ decoration items as well if those are well- maintained. Arrange some small gifts for your loved ones. But all of your selections should be exceptional and captivating. Your home should look classy, not overdone.

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Developers To Cast Off Inventory Properties To Boost New Property Sale

Due to the continuous market slow down in real estate sector developers have adopted a recent sale boosting strategy where they are consciously tapering off the on hand inventories. Recent statistics of realty sale in India proves that more new-built residential apartments are sold in India across the top seven realty market of the country in the first three quarters of 2016. Simultaneously there have been remarkable new developments taken place during this period. This is the record selling that has occurred within past 8 years. Experts opine that this the point of time while developers are promoting the sale of new constructions where on the other hand they have be constantly trying to lessen the inventory level. Since Kolkata has been always reasonable to every class of home-buyer it’s seen that there has been an upsurge in the sale of flats near Kolkata airport in the second half of 2016.
According to JLL India Nearly 1.20 lakh housing units were sold across Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Delhi-National Capital Region, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata between January and October whereas 1.06 lakh new constructions came in front.

Ramesh Nair, chief operating officer of JLL India said, ‘’ With demonetisation and several other regulatory reforms like Real Estate Regulatory Bill, the Benami Transactions Bill and the GST, the time may now be ripe for market which will see the genuine buyer coming back.’’ As per Nair demonetization will have short-term impact on national real estate market and the sale of newly launched apartments across the major cities of the country. Realty index has fallen 14.8% since November 8 after the declaration of ban on higher currency notes. Nevertheless real estate sector has been the witnessing sloth market since past few years, demonetization came as an add-on.

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According to the Edelweiss Securities latest report, ‘’ “Companies, specifically in the mid-cap space, that have locked strong pre-sales over the past few years should benefit from earnings scale up despite a slow physical market. This will be driven by pending recognition of sales already executed along with prospects of improved macro-led rise in new sales.’’ The report also suggests that it has a ‘buy’ rating on companies like Oberoi Realty , Sobha, Sunteck Realty , Godrej Properties and Brigade Enterprises. The developers’ balance sheet will maintain to perk up due to domestic accruals and supervision. This will facilitate them to set out surplus funds towards value accretive land or project acquisition and help mature their net asset values.

In 2016 the first quarter saw some outstanding launch numbers than sales, followed by slowdown in consecutive quarters. During the third quarter, the number of apartments sold across India exceeds the new launch by 10,000 units.

“Overall, this trend seems here to stay for some more quarters. It would be interesting to see if 2016 sets a new benchmark in units launched versus units sold, surpassing the historic year of 2008 for good. This data should also serve as an eye opener for fence-sitters expecting a price drop, which may not hap pen. The negative sentiment gripping this sector from the last one year or so may well be misplaced. “Nair said.

Joint Venture Real Estate Projects Under WBHD Radar

West Bengal housing department will now review the formation of joint venture real estate promoting companies. Specifically the brokerage and development companies of giant commercial properties like- shopping malls, hotels in New Town and Rajarhat and some other recent developed Property in Kolkata north. Housing minister and Mayor of Kolkata Mr. Sovan Chatterjee said, ‘’The alleged violations were being looked into and action would be initiated against firms that had violated the JV norms to go in for commercial development in the satellite township during the Left Front regime.’’

According to the government statistics there are seven big-shot real estate companies which had tied up with the state government complied by the JV norms. Meanwhile the government has summoned a few of those real estate firms in charge of their contribution in transgression of JV agreement with the state government. Rest of the JV partner real estate firms is also being kept account. Speaking about the JV agreement the housing minister also stated,’’ These JV firms have developed malls and hotels on the land earmarked for housing projects for the masses.’’
Chatterjee also put light on the fact that development and brokerage companies which singed JV with the state government for promoting lower income group and middle income group housing shifted into endorsing commercial development thereafter without notifying the state government and violating the JV agreement. In the JV firms the private companies had 50% stake functioned with the land equity offered by the state government. There after LIG apartments are sold under the cost price and MIG flats just at cost price and HIG condos at a quality range.
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After TMC government came into the ruling position in 2011 chief minister has declared that JV firms would be under investigation for alleged violations and stopped allotted lands to such real estate companies. As an aftershock these companies has stopped their duties. It’s not like that JV firms don’t do business, just that there has been no activity regarding the same purpose. As per the official updates 2 major real estate firms that had close association with their earlier ruling government, as the members of the board of directors of these firms were in the family relations of the erstwhile ruling party head honchos.

Digging the past the minister said, “We will probe into the irregularities and take action against the errant firms. We don’t want to name any particular persons involved in such irregularity.” On the contrary JV companies came with the fact that the land which had been allotted to them for commercial real estate development has been used for the same as per the official records. They also mentioned that there was a provision to embark on 10% related activities. Development of malls and hotels were also scheduled as per government agreement.
As per the director of one of such firms “There has been no change in land purpose. All the projects where malls and hotels have been developed were allotted for the very purpose. The housing department had raised the issue two months ago, following which we went with documents and clarified the matter.”

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