Developers To Cast Off Inventory Properties To Boost New Property Sale

Due to the continuous market slow down in real estate sector developers have adopted a recent sale boosting strategy where they are consciously tapering off the on hand inventories. Recent statistics of realty sale in India proves that more new-built residential apartments are sold in India across the top seven realty market of the country in the first three quarters of 2016. Simultaneously there have been remarkable new developments taken place during this period. This is the record selling that has occurred within past 8 years. Experts opine that this the point of time while developers are promoting the sale of new constructions where on the other hand they have be constantly trying to lessen the inventory level. Since Kolkata has been always reasonable to every class of home-buyer it’s seen that there has been an upsurge in the sale of flats near Kolkata airport in the second half of 2016.
According to JLL India Nearly 1.20 lakh housing units were sold across Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Delhi-National Capital Region, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata between January and October whereas 1.06 lakh new constructions came in front.

Ramesh Nair, chief operating officer of JLL India said, ‘’ With demonetisation and several other regulatory reforms like Real Estate Regulatory Bill, the Benami Transactions Bill and the GST, the time may now be ripe for market which will see the genuine buyer coming back.’’ As per Nair demonetization will have short-term impact on national real estate market and the sale of newly launched apartments across the major cities of the country. Realty index has fallen 14.8% since November 8 after the declaration of ban on higher currency notes. Nevertheless real estate sector has been the witnessing sloth market since past few years, demonetization came as an add-on.

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According to the Edelweiss Securities latest report, ‘’ “Companies, specifically in the mid-cap space, that have locked strong pre-sales over the past few years should benefit from earnings scale up despite a slow physical market. This will be driven by pending recognition of sales already executed along with prospects of improved macro-led rise in new sales.’’ The report also suggests that it has a ‘buy’ rating on companies like Oberoi Realty , Sobha, Sunteck Realty , Godrej Properties and Brigade Enterprises. The developers’ balance sheet will maintain to perk up due to domestic accruals and supervision. This will facilitate them to set out surplus funds towards value accretive land or project acquisition and help mature their net asset values.

In 2016 the first quarter saw some outstanding launch numbers than sales, followed by slowdown in consecutive quarters. During the third quarter, the number of apartments sold across India exceeds the new launch by 10,000 units.

“Overall, this trend seems here to stay for some more quarters. It would be interesting to see if 2016 sets a new benchmark in units launched versus units sold, surpassing the historic year of 2008 for good. This data should also serve as an eye opener for fence-sitters expecting a price drop, which may not hap pen. The negative sentiment gripping this sector from the last one year or so may well be misplaced. “Nair said.

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