An Eco-Friendly Paradigm- A Coir Wood House

How simple is that to say that coir wood waste now will develop coir wood homes? No, we are neither in a mood to crack any joke nor hyping any gimmick. Coir wood wastes have been successfully used in developing eco-friendly shelters in the higher altitudes. Replacing tents into a beautiful shelter for the defence personnel in the extreme level of climatic condition has been the best usage of coir woods. The Coir Research Centre in Bengaluru has recently developed a coir house model and put it on display at the choir craft fair lately.

Some latest report claimed that as a part of effective marketing Coir board will build six of those coir houses and supply those to some of the union ministry for free. “Security personnel can use these and those visiting the Prime Minister, Defence Minister or the MSME Minister will get to know about the advantages and applications of coir wood looking at the house,” said the Coir Board chairman C.P. Radhakrishnan. “These homes would be much cheaper than a brick and mortar house or even a plywood house, because it costs only around 90 per sqft,” said a board official. Coir is a by-product of coconut husk. Coir is a popular substance to make mats, mattresses, baskets and even as an alternate for soil for terrace gardening.

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The coconut capital of Tamil Nadu Pollachi will shortly to receive a model house that has been constructed entirely of coir wood. The coir board is now looking forward to popularize the concept of setting up houses with coir, among the construction industry in the area. An interesting part of coir wood is it’s a well-chosen substitute to ply wood and it doesn’t involve tree razing. The coir board, which installed the first model coir house in Alappuzha on Saturday, said it has already programmed to erect alike homes in Pollachi and Kanyakumari in a little while. The four-day long India International Coir Fair, which completed on this Monday, spawned overseas enquiries worth Rs. 200 crore and 1,200 fresh trade enquiries in the home souk.
Initially the houses in Bengaluru sustained natural whims for two-and-a-half-years. According to the sources The Coir Board will focus on mainly three products – furniture, coir geo textiles, and coir pith. Speaking about their housing projects starting from the walls to windows, flooring, pillars and even light-fittings will be made of coir woods. “We have used coir wood sheets for the walls and coir granules for the interiors,” said the official. The coir research campus just started few years back and has shown some incredible future market potential.

Speaking about project development in Kerala the coir official said, “With many eco-friendly and natural resorts coming up in the area, we hope that the house that will be up in three months will appeal to them,” He also added “We also hope to encourage entrepreneurs to get into coir wood production.”

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