Hidden Plumbing Issues And The Ways To Unearth Them

In case you are investing in a wholesome residential property and have been going gaga over the huge and stunning area of kitchen or washroom don’t assume the plumbing is also equally up to the mark. Eye-popping looks should be the second preference after the subject plumbing. Make sure you divulge all the hidden plumbing issues before your investment done. According to eminent Architecture agencies of the city Kolkata, over 30% of all homes incorporate imprecise plumbing system. Among the current developments in the city a fewer of the high-ending residential properties are having up to the mark excellent plumbing frame of references, flats near Belgharia Expressway is one out of those.

Plumbing sector is the largely ignore d sector while buying a new or a used property. This plumbing check up is missed because our lack of knowledge. Hidden leakage and sink drainage might be causes for anxiety for the people who are likely to reside in. Here are the plumbing issues and instant solution to prevail over-

Device leakage– Leakage and overflowing these are the most common issues in the households. Even a little crack can be monstrous. The best solution to prevent leakage is to seal them with tape or cement glue. To avoid this hitch always one should use quality and branded fitting components with lengthy sustenance power. Ask for the drainage diagram from the builder.
Closely monitor the washroom and bathroom- Choked toilet can also give you a worst nightmare. Blockage can be caused by jammed water pipes due to construction materials or some other waste. To get the ultimate solution ask your builder to clear the drainage pipes after the construction is done. After that time to time you should also keep it clean and unclogged. A leaky tap might damage your washroom floor or in some cases the lower portion of the walls of any attached room. The pipes should always be replaced after every 10 years. Use galvanized pipes instead of plastic zinc coated pipes.

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A good artistry is needed– Either you buy a newly built property or a settle for a resale one a good workmanship has been equally important in both of the cases. Poor finishing can end up with biggies. Using waterproof materials such as good quality fixtures and tiles can hinder the damage. Longevity shouldn’t be compromised anyhow with short cuts and cross-cutting methods. Always make sure the work has been done by the accomplished contractor.

Frozen pipes– In the hilly areas it’s mostly seen that pipes get cracked by lower temperature. Frozen pipes burst into pieces. Poor quality pipes should be strictly avoided in this particular geographical area’s plumbing system. Using warm water outside the pipe or blow hot air with drier will help them sustain.

According to Aloke Bhasin, a Delhi based Architect and Interior designer, ‘’ Always stick to the quality fittings rather than going for the low-cost fittings that usually have a poor longevity. Check the bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens and laundry fittings from time to time. Always stick to the branded fittings as they are the finest quality with prolonged sheltered life.’’

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