New Town Development Authority To Take Up Improved Construction Management Process

New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) organized a meeting at the Rabindra Tirtha auditorium on last Monday Nov, 21st. All the architects and the engineers associated with NKDA were present there. The meeting was about improving awareness on go in for better technologies, craft and construction management process. This particular real estate market of property in kolkata north is already known for advanced housing estate development and world-class infrastructure. New Town area is also illustrious for the perfect association of cement and jungle. This place is directly connected with the city Kolkata and only a few minutes distant from Kolkata airport.

Many competent real estate companies have been coming up with new projects in this area to rule the property market of city Kolkata and suburban Kolkata. In this recent meeting officials said that the participants’ attention was drawn to the recent amendment of NKDA Rules that discourages dumping of construction materials and demolition waste on the roads. At any given time in Rajarhat and other peripheral areas are found log jammed with debris and garbage of construction companies. In the recent scenario it’s seen companies those are storing materials on road are not even showing any concern to remove the stuffs with the help of police. NKDA had also declared earlier that a service would be given for removing of construction waste and excess building materials from at a given cost for removing per tons of ravage.

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The topic earned much highlight in this meeting was how the drains, roads, culverts and entire sewage system had been getting affected and clogged with this demolition waste of the constructions. NKDA now needs advanced procedure for this waste destruction without spoiling the area infrastructure and corporation water channels and sewage system. Along with the eye-catching skyscrapers this place maximizes the chance for exclusive real estate development. Thus new procedures like -renting of vacant land, construction work in the project sites in phases, use of prefabricated beams, using empty plots with prior permission from the corporation, steady monitoring of trucks while unloading sand bricks, cement and other raw materials, use of polythene sheets on the ground to avoid leakage into drains are planned to be implemented.

After cancellation of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes this buzzing area has have the minimum effect of demonetarization as Housing Corporation Development Corporation (HIDCO) already consists a number of digital money options available in the township. This is the sign of an advanced business area to stay ahead in order to deliver the cream service to the area home-buyers and corporate onshore and offshore investors. To make all matter convenient NKDA has to come up with some exclusive and quick-efficient development idea which would be framed by core professionals. Rajarhat is the wise selection for home-buyer or startup entrepreneur. Therefore the companies which have bagged several residential and commercial projects in this area should have to be aware as well of the post threats causes by the runoffs.

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